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Chr. Hansen: Unique probiotic concept for women

American women spend nearly 300 million dollars annually on non-prescription medications for the treatment of infections such as yeast and urinary tract infections. Experts estimate that three in four women at some point experience a urogenital infection.

To provide women a scientific and clinically documented natural solution, Chr. Hansen has signed an agreement with Jarrow Formulas, Los Angeles, California, USA, for the distribution of Urex-cap-5 to health food stores in the United States. Urex-cap-5 is a unique probiotic concept for women’s health, and is the only oral probiotic concept clinically documented to restore and maintain a healthy vaginal flora and reduce the risk of urogenital infections.

Neptune: Major breakthrough in functional food industry

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. in alliance with Terepia International Inc. breaks through a major barrier and enters the functional food Industry with three new confectionary products. These confectionaries are produced with three different fresh fruits;
pomegranate, passion-fruit and mango. A tablespoonful contains a 300mg dose of Neptune Krill Oil with natural fruits and no added preservatives, sugar or artificial flavors.

Herbafoods: Multifunctional ingredients for a healthy diet

5-a-day has become a well-known marketing tool in the last few years. Why does it work and what is behind this slogan?

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Unique probiotic concept for women

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