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To meet the growing demand of athletes, coaches and all those concerned about banned substances in sports supplements, NSF International has created the Certified for Sport™ Program. This new program is designed to minimize the risk that a dietary supplement or sports nutrition product contains banned substances, through a five-step process. Only when these five requirements have been met, is NSF certification awarded and the NSF Mark will appear on the product. The new program has been recommended by such organisations as Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. Put simply, the NSF program directly addresses concern in the athletic community, and provides a solution.


Leading flavour manufacturer, Quest, is launching a groundbreaking method, combining best practice research models, to predict and design consumer-preferred flavours across the world. In an approach believed to be a first for the industry, Quest’s LISA method is pioneering because it combines data on the flavour components that determine consumer liking with data on sensory attributes (like creaminess, juiciness, ripeness or sweetness) and on consumer preferences. There are significant customer benefits, including a transformation of the flavour development process, improving the efficiency and speed to market through a more rational approach and boosting consumer preference for brands between 20% and 30% in some applications.

A. L. Wolff

Fibre Fortified Food, as the name suggests, is a summation of the benefits of dietary fibres as part of a healthy diet. Anita Benech re-asserts the importance of dietary fibres, in the fight against obesity, among other health issues. She introduces Acacia dietary fibre, a purified, water-soluble acacia powder, with more than 80% fibre content. It is from 100% vegetable source, and due to its low viscosity and high solubility in cold water, highly concentrated solutions can be prepared for use in food recipes, which do not affect sensory properties of finished products.

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The impact of high intensity sweetener blends on flavoured water.


Quest's flavour predictor pinpoints consumer preference trends across the world. New combination of data allows unrivalled insights and accuracy.


Discuss DHA, from a pure vegetarian and allergen-free source of the important omega-3 fatty acid DHA, manufactured via a unique fermentation process from microalgae, from renewable resources and is free of potential contaminants that are discussed for fish and seafood.

A. L. Wolff

Fibre Fortified Food.


Plants that can help optimise nutrition, with chemopreventative properties.

Hamilton Grant Software

Auxiliary to health ingredients. Product development and the Simplex Algorithm.

Covex Pharma

Application of vinca minor (periwinkle), family ingredients for the improvement of memory and cognition in functional foods and smart beverages.

Montana: Nutraceutical Developments

Purple corn extract and Linseed extract.


Improved gut health with innovative ingredients.


International scientists using Genomics to unwrap the goodness of milk.

DSM Peptopro

Staying stronger for longer with great tasting protein supplementation.


High quality specialities for your application – a summary


The next 'new' health ingredient?

Bio Serae

NeOpuntia®: healthy lipophilic cactus fibre – latest clinical study reveals health benefits linked to syndrome X, ID-alGTM: seaweed extract for weight management and vitality.

Palatinit GmbH

New energy profiles for sports drinks. Slow release carbohydrates enable the development of innovative functional drinks and open up new market opportunities.

J. Rettenmeier & Sohne

Good Digestive Health


Friendly Ingredients for Today’s Health Conscious Consumer.


EpiCor: a unique dietary supplement for the immune system.


Dairy Fractions


Benefits of Fruit Fibres


Nutripro™: a unique, undenatured micellar casein isolate, providing an enriched source of milk calcium and anti-catabolic protein with enhanced functional attributes over conventional milk proteins sources in beverage formulation.


Tocomin® palm Tocotrienol Complex – A potent Neuroprotective Vitamin E.


Your Best Protection – NSF Certified For Sport™, addresses concern in the athletic community over banned substances.

Ocean Nutrition Canada

All the Omega-3 goodness, without the fish.


Coenzyme Q10


Advanced know how in formulation technology


A Traditional and Modern Protein.


Natural Ingredients: getting back to basics.


Brings natural nutrition to HiE 2006.

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