Summer 2005 Issue - Contents

Speciality Carbohydrates and Gut Health

Functional foods are similar in appearance to
conventional food and are consumed as part of the usual diet. However, these foods have demonstrated physiological benefits and/or reduce the risk of chronic disease beyond basic nutritional functions, including gut health.

Acticoa: Preserving the naturally high levels of polyphenols during
cocoa processing

There is great interest in the food industry in finding ways to maintain high levels of health-promoting polyphenols during food processing. The processing of cocoa beans into chocolate products causes a significant reduction in the levels of naturally occurring flavonoids, as occurs during the manufacturing of many foods.

Barry Callebaut has developed a process, for which patent rights are in force, which retains the naturally present high levels of polyphenols in cocoa beans and chocolate products. Barry Callebaut calls this process ACTICOA™.

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Acatris - Ribose

Energy Enhancer for Endurance and Sports

Danisco - Speciality Carbohydrates and Gut Health

Ocean Spray - BerryFusions

Acticoa - Cocoa Beans


Launches New and Innovative Functional Ice Cream Product Range

L'Oréal to acquire SkinCeuticals

Marigot Group

A natural solution to improved bone health

Metfolin ruled safe for use in supplements and foods by JECFA


Unique sugar reduces Glycemic and Insulin response

Lonza and Bio*One

Joint Venture for biopharmaeuticals facility in Singapore

Measuring Glycaemic Impact


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This year FIE is held in the spectacular and breathtaking ancient Hindu Kingdom of Malaysia. The city Kuala Lumpur will be the host FIE Asia 2005 from 27th – 29th September. The venue is held here as business is a focal point in the Far East. The city has modern, towering buildings, which symbolise the cosmopolitan future. Although some people say it has lost its ancient cultural look, it is a magnificent meeting place for the business class and tourists. Here we combine business with a spellbinding culture. Exhibitors and visitors will never forget this lifetime experience. It is an excellent chance for the nation to see how this culture lives.

This issue will enlighten us with new technology and the scientifically proven problems of the world. Ingredients and products are taken away and tested to make them healthier for the world and the people in it.

Hayley Moore
Assistant Editor,
Nutraceuticals Now

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