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Metabolic Syndrome - The Silent Killer is advancing

The term "Metabolic Syndrome" or Syndrome X today is mainly known among doctors and researchers in the nutritional field. But without doubt, in the years to come the public will have to familiarize with it. According to estimates approximately 20% of the population in the industrialized countries suffer from the metabolic syndrome.

Tropical Tamanu Oil, the Original Polynesian Cosmeceutical

Throughout history, the Queen’s of Polynesia have praised virgin Tamanu oil for its beautifying and cleansing qualities just as Cleopatra of Egypt adored Aloe Vera. The Tamanu tree (Calophyllum inophyllum) has a mystical past in the faraway islands dotting the Pacific ocean. Throughout Polynesia, Tamanu trees were considered as sacred and planted inside the royal marae (sacred areas).

However, it is not all mystical, scientific literature continues to verify Tamanu as the original Polynesian cosmeceutical and thus the ingredient is rapidly increasing in popularity among manufacturers pursuing products that cleanse and maintain pure and healthy skin.

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Metabolic Syndrome - Silent Killer


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Vitafoods 2005

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New blue pomegreat


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People have never been more interested in what goes into their food than they are today. The vast array of products that now line our supermarket shelves, with their various health claims constantly fuel this interest. The global nutraceuticals market continues to be an enterprising division of the food industry. Emerging from a niche marketplace, nutraceuticals are experiencing great success, and have secured their position in the mainstream market category.

Large food and pharmaceutical companies have become major players in the global functional food marketplace. It is a common belief that nutraceuticals are at the frontier of exceptional influence on disease prevention and health promotion.

The ever-growing possibilities for the application of nutraceuticals in health promotion and performance enhancement will be discussed in depth at Vitafoods International 2005, being held from 10-12 May, at the Geneva Palexpo, in Switzerland. Following the success of Vitafoods International 2004, the global nutraceutical event is set to make an even bigger impression this year, with an expected growth of 15%. The 8th annual Vitafoods event is a must-see exhibition for people in the industry interested in the latest innovations in nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals or the most recent research findings on dietary supplements and functional foods and drinks.

The exhibition is the largest of its kind in Europe and leading companies exhibiting this year include; DSM, Cognis, Lipid Nutrition, Glanbia, Borculo Domo, Cardinal Health, Frutarom, Kemin, Linnea, Lonza, ADM, Croda, Swiss Caps, Watson Foods, Indena and Gelcaps.

Also in this edition of Nutraceuticals Now you will read articles involving cosmeceutical products. Cosmeceuticals may be defined as biologically active hair care, skincare and cosmetic products that in addition to their beauty benefits also focus on certain health concerns. As with the nutraceuticals industry, cosmeceutical technologies are constantly progressing as new developments in raw materials fuel the continuing thirst for new and better products. The skincare industry is a booming sector with vast scope and funding for further development.

In this issue of Nutraceuticals Now, you will read a small selection of articles on cosmeceuticals. Our summer issue however, will include a special focus on up to date developments in the cosmeceutical industry.

I would like to wish you all a successful visit to Vitafoods.

Sadie Harley
Assistant Editor,
Nutraceuticals Now

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