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Gaio® tagatose - A unique low glycemic responding sweetener

This article primarily focuses on the latest documentation of Gaio® tagatose as a low net cab sweetener, and chocolate is used as
the target product example. The low-carb diet is a new lifestyle, where the key to weight-control is closely connected with blood sugar and insulin response from the foods we eat.

Today, consumers are very health-conscious and demand "good-for-you" products, however they are not willing to compromise on quality and sensory performance of the products.

Tagatose is the answer to obtaining both a very healthy chocolate and a high quality product.

Nutritional bars increase demand for dairy derived protein solutions

Obesity is growing like wild fire around the globe. 14 % of British 25-34 year olds and 31% of Irish 25-34 year olds are clinically obese. Obesity is now being tagged as “diabesity” as it is so inextricably linked to diabetes. In response, slimming diets such as Dr. Atkins, The Zone diet and Weight Watchers are becoming more and more popular in Europe and USA.

This article discusses responses to these changes in consumer demands.



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Growth in Nutritional Bars

protein solutions

Eastman's Tenox Antioxidants


The ideal supplement

Unique low glycemic responding sweetener

DSM speeds up ingredients development

Improving Health with Phytosterols and Phytostanols

The effects of dietary fibres

Essential facts on fatty acids

Degussa Food sets a new quality standard

Frutarom potential purchase of fruit preparation business

Sensus confirms Frutafit inulin in clinical trial

Palatinit award for "tasteful" campaign

Health benefits of grape seed extract

New Cranberol

Diverse benefits

Acatris targets Fenulife

"slow carb" market

Health and Wellness with Cranberries

Formulating foods for carb conscious consumers

Frost & Sullivan Awards DMV

Aspartame as part of the solution

Cancer-fighting Food Database goes on-line

Can food choice dictate tumour characteristics?

US Cash Injection for Cancer Scientist

Now everyone can enjoy the taste of chocolate

Noviant launches GM label free disintegrant for the tabletting industry!


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West Meets East

Summer is the season to capitalise on existing relations and build market share, in South East Asia. The latest food trends and the most cost-effective way to source this information will be made available at Fi Asia, 15th – 17th September in Bangkok, Thailand.

The geographical and economic heart of Thailand will be the host city for Fi Asia 2004. The nation’s capital is both a gateway and principal destination for most people travelling to South East Asia. The Queens Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC) is the first choice venue in Bangkok to meet the demands of exhibitors and visitors alike. All in all, this Thai venue will provide exhibitors and visitors of Fi Asia 2004 with an excellent environment to combine business with an interesting cultural experience.

This issue will present the latest technology on functional products and ingredients to be taken away and absorbed by an audience including CEO’s/Presidents, Directors, Managers
and other industry professionals with real purchasing power.

Be sure to be there.

Best wishes,

Charles Faulkner

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