Spring 2004 Issue

Whey Protein!
Functionality for appetite control

The total whey protein supply market was valued at $470 million dollars in 2003 and is likely to rise dramatically over the next few years. There is increasing scientific interest in whey, the fluid portion of milk obtained by coagulating and removing curd. A number of applications as a 'functional food' to improve health have been described and these effects are not readily apparent when whey is simply considered as a source of protein.


offers Protection against Cold and Flu

Safflorin™, or isomerized safflower oil, is a scientifically proven product by which one can protect oneself against seasonal viruses such as common colds and flu.

Several independent investigators have shown that Safflorin™ can activate several components of the innate part of the immune system and stimulate adaptive immune responses.

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Application of Whey

Contemporary perspective


Take good care

Lignans for aging men

Development of New Calcium Compounds for Food Fortification

DHAOmega - 3

Fortification of Functional Food and Beveridge

Innovations in Probiotic Technology

New Products The new generation of water-dispersible fatty acid powders


Natural Color Blends in Nutritional products

Quality and quantity of carbohydrates affect on functionality of carbohydrate rich food

Schisandra chinensis

Boosting performance and counteracting stress factors

Consumer awareness

Ways to improve the gastrointestinal health

Idena makes phytotherapy even safer

for patients and the environment

The Tasty Way to Health

Natural sweetness and added benefits for nutraceuticals

Kievit, Specialists in Encapsulation

ExGrape ®

Safflorin offers Protection against Cold and Flu

Next Proteins Harness the Wonders of Whey

Nutritionals of Prolibra


New Look for oceansprayitg.com


Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

Inulin and Olgofructose

Feel Good Factors

Xlim Fibre Line

Balance the natural nutritional equilibrium

Experience Flavour

ingredients of the future at Ficee

Obesity and overweight

The primary cause of death in the US

Avoid Outsourcing Conflicts

Nutrinova DHA Debuts at Vitafoods

ADM’s Nutritional Ingredients at Vitafoos 2004

The Global Report on Nutraceeuticals

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From Geneva to Berlin

Our spring issue will be distributed at Vitafoods International and Food Ingredients Central Eastern Europe, to cater for the growing demand of up to the minute information on food ingredients which have a nutraceutical application.

This coupled with our ever-increasing global readership, rubber stamps Nutraceuticals Now as the world's No. 1 review in this field. For more information visit www.nutraceuticalsnow.com.

I would like to make a special announcement regarding the launch of our sister title Cosmeceuticals Now at Vitafoods. It will address matters concerning health promotion and prevention of illness and / or disease with products including active ingredients which are applied to the body externally. Please visit www.cosmeceuticalsnow.com.

If you have a colleague working in this field, please pass on and recommend our message "up to the minute ground breaking technology".

Wishing you all a happy springtime!

Charles Faulkner

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