Summer 2002 Issue — Contents

Front CoverForeword

by Fergus Clydesdale, Ph.D.
Chair, IFT Expert Panel on Functional Foods

Jungbunzlauer's new citric acid plant on stream!

Degussa BioActives offers ALIPURE™, a solvent-free, free-flowing Alpha-Lipoic acid

The BENEO® Programme — ORAFTI's consumer communications initiative

by Tim Can der Schraelen, ORAFTI

OMEGA-3 fatty acids and menstrual pain

by Morten Bryhn, MD, PhD

OMEGA-3 fatty acids and migraine

by Morten Bryhn, MD, PhD

Lignans from flax a breakthrough for men's health

by Liesbeth Neven Acatris Holding, Netherlands

Company Profile: Cognis

Take advantage of natural milk calcium

by Yolanda Roescher, Borculo Domo Ingredients

L-Carnitine Functional in More Ways Than One

by Andrea O. Schaffhauser, Ph.D. Lonza Ltd

VIOGERM® PB1 — a natural prebiotic for a healthy intestinal flora

by Dr Vincent Lebet, Innovation Manager, Multiforsa Ltd &
Therese Hartmann, Project Leader Functional Food Concepts, Multiforsa Ltd

CNI — Colloïdes Naturels International present Fibregum and its potential applications

NUTRIOSE® FB the soluble fibre that opens up new product vistas

Actaris publishes research establishing SoyLife is more than just Isoflavones plus protein

Acatris leads the way in validating Soy isoflavone testing methods

ACTILIGHT, a health supporting food ingredient

by Denis Desvignes, Béghin Meiji

New Perspectives: a healthy diet with Caromax™

by Dr Anke Derieth Nutrinova Nutrition Specialities & Food Ingredients GmbH

Sweetness without tooth decay

by Michael Bond,
Scientific & Technical Affairs Manager,
Danisco Sweeteners Ltd

ACTILIGHT, a health supporting food ingredient

by Denis Desvignes, Béghin Meiji