Winter 2001 Issue — Contents

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Clare M. Hasler Ph.D.

L-Carnitine Fumarate — the Double Energy Booster

Ken Hassen

Inulin, a pure soluble dietary fibre

Diederick Meyer, Bryan Tungland

Carbery Food Ingredients Whey Protein Fractions

Pat Mulcahy

Provinols Red Wine Polyphenols

R. Andriansitohain, D. Ageron, M-A Desrumaux

Health and Wellness with Probiotics

Patricia Siuta-Cruce Ph.D., Jacques Goulet, agr. Ph.D.

A Revolutionary New Starch to Support Gut Health

Fred Brouns, Jo Goossens and Thomas Draguhn

Natural Bioactive Peptides for stimulation of the immune system and protection against risk factors for cardiovascular disease

Daniëlla Witte M.Sc., Ram Nimmaguda Ph.D., Nico van Belzen Ph.D

Physiologically Effective Food Ingredients — Stable Concentrates

Latest research results add muscle to the use of Creatine in non-sports applications

Dr Ralf Jäger

Agaricus Blazei Mushroom providing support for a healthy immune system

Melissa C. Northway

Soy Nutrition beyond protein and isoflavones

Marian Verbruggen Ph.D.

Company Profile: Cognis

Cran-Max The Nutraceutical Cranberry Ingredient

Douglas G. Mann

Minerals & Vitamins for Foods and Supplements

Miriam Becker

Hydrolysed Chicken Cartilage Powder and Joint Disease

A natural mix of type II collagen and chondroitin sulfate, both evidencing widely-documented effects on joint pain relief.