Summer 2001 Issue — Contents

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Frutafit® Inulin

Prodiet f 200

A promising anti-stress casein hydrolysate

Can omega-3 prevent age-related changes in the eye leading to blindess?

Reaping the benefits of L-Carnitine

Health and wellness with Cranberries

FDA approves GRAS status of AA and DHA for use in infant formula


Whey Protein Hydrolysate


The novel nutritional lipids delivery system


A new dimension in wheat based ingredients

Fruit Based Dietary Fibers

Healthy Ingredients in the food and Health Industry

Looking ahead with carotenoids

What is Lutein?

What is happening in Europe?

Building and maintaining strong bones

A case for balance in Dietary mineral consumption

Fruit and vegetable Extracts with Secondary Plant Substances


A novel low calorie bulk sweetner with probiotic properties

Dynamism of Nutraceuticals

Britannia's View