Winter 2000 Issue — Contents

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Foreword — Recent Development in Nutraceuticals

H. Steinhart and G. Biernoth, Institute for Biochemistry and Food Chemistry, University of Hamburg

Fibregum: A Natural Dietry Fibre

Dr T.P. Kravtchenko. Colloides Naturels International, BP 4151, F-76723 Rouen cedex, France

Soy isoflavones: A functional ingredient

Liesbeth Neven M.Sc and Marian Verbruggen Ph.D, Soylife Nederland BV, P.O. Box 1, 4283 ZG Giessen, The Netherlands

Use of Bioflavonoids as Dietry Supplements

Lutz Thomas, Herwig Buchholz, Nicole Spikers and Najib Sehat. Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Dietry fibres as nutritional and functional ingredients

Mercedes Cuesta, International Sales Manager, CFF GmbH & Co KG, Germany

VEROFIT-Regeneration: Survival of the fittest!

Karin Schiess, Rita Karle-Diener and Dr Peter C. Böhni, Swiss Milk Company

The health benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids

Alison Evennett, Health and Nutrition manager, Denofa

Long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids: Essential nutrients in food

Per Gotfredson, BASF Health & Nutrition A/S

Phosphatidylserine (ps) and cognition

Dr Kiran Virmani, SKW Bioactives

Inulin, multiple choice

Jeroen Pol, Sensus

Caromax® — the Mediterranean fibre

Bernard Haber and Martin Jager, Nutrinova Nutrition Specialities and Food ingredients

Cereal arabinoxylans, a natural fibre that presents many attractive effects for preventative nutrition

Denis Despres, Limagrain, France

L-Carnitine, the Primordial Nutraceutical Ingredient

Dr Martin Fuhrmann / P. Gaynor, Lonza

The Colourful World of Nutraceuticals

Andrew Kenrick, Overseal Foods Ltd

Mineral Fortification — An Ongoing Trend

Hein Hamelijnck, Purac Biochem, The Netherlands

Lactic Acid Bacteria in Functional Foods

Maija Saxelin Phd, Valio Ltd

The Nutritional Benefits of Gum Arabic (acacia gum)

Cornelia Karg, Alfred L. Wolff GmbH

Fill the Gap with Functional Extracts from Fruit and Vegetables

Dr Susan Lawlor, Chr. Hansen Ireland Limited and Marianne Winning, MSc Pharmacy, Chr. Hansen A/S, Denmark

Bovine Colostrum, A New Performance Enhancing Supplement

Jeroen J.M. Vanden Berg, Numico Research Centre

Company Profile on Plantextrakt GmbH & Co. art of The Martin Bauer Group