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Why BGG is the only logical choice

BGG is widely recognised as one of the World’s highest quality producers of nutraceutical raw materials. Our customers include most of the World’s largest supplement brands with the toughest...
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Exploring host-microbiota interactions

Exploring host-microbiota interactions The role of our intestinal microbiota reaches far beyond fermentation of indigestible food components. Apart from immunological functions, they have a major impact on our metabolic...
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Q&A with Capsugel’s Karin Schrooten

Q&A with Capsugel’s Karin Schrooten. How has the global nutritional market place changed? Today’s focus on traceability comes at a time when guaranteeing the safety of the global supply...
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Barley Balance® Beta-Glucan

Barley Balance® Beta-Glucan. Cereal Beta-Glucans from barley and oats are widely associated with an array of healthy benefits, most notably for heart health. Barley and oat have earned official...
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