GELITA is happy to be part of FIC – One of the first big exhibitions is coming back to the halls.

Meet GELITA at FIC on June 8 – 10 2021 in Shanghai

Engage with GELITA at FIC and take a sensorial journey to learn more about gelatin and collagen peptides.

GELITA® Gelatin is globally renowned for its amazing sensorial performance, texturizing properties, and ease of use in formulations. This amazing ingredient can make all the difference by offering unbelievable foaming characteristics for incredibly high and stable foamy peaks. Use it for creating brilliantly clear, shiny and sheeny gels, or for its excellence in whipping and emulsifying the delicious whipped treats with perfect textures. Gelatin’s ability to gently melt at body temperature often enhances the release of even the most delicate of flavours, creating a remarkable and positively memorable sensory experience.

Collagen is on trend
With their special nutritional and technological properties, GELITA BCP® (Bioactive Collagen Peptides®) are enjoying increasing popularity in the food and dietary supplements market. At FIC, GELITA’s nutritional experts will inform visitors about several new scientific studies, for example with regards to Sports Nutrition, Healthy Aging, Beauty from Within and Immune Health.

Ready for the shelf
Should you prefer to get a ready to market product rather than develop your own? In this case GELITA HEALTH can provide you with turn-key BCP® products, ready for the shelf. Choose your favourite application format like powder, shot, gummy or even a bar. Use your own brand or license one of the strong international GELITA HEALTH brands – it is up to you.

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