Probiotics, pregnancy and vaginal microbiota

How New Microbiome Research is Sparking Growth in the Women’s Health Supplement Market

Women are taking charge of their health like never before. As consumer awareness around the benefits of preventative health practices grows, the women’s health and beauty supplement market continues to rapidly expand, with the global market projected to reach $68.9 billion by 2026.

Market demand is driven in part by emerging new research on feminine health, including how a healthy microbiota can play a critical role in women’s vaginal and urinary health. As science develops around the gut microbiota’s impact on various body sites — such as vaginal microbiota — and the impact specific probiotic strains can have on the microbiota and health, consumers are beginning to understand that probiotics offer diverse benefits, beyond traditional digestive health. In turn, women are looking to probiotics to provide natural solutions to specific health concerns, such as combatting common vaginal infections or boosting prenatal health.

Manufacturers and formulators seeking to meet market demand can consider developing probiotic supplements tailored specifically to women’s health needs. By developing efficacious products, targeted to women’s life stages and concerns, they’ll stand out on the shelves while helping women achieve optimal vaginal and prenatal health.

This article is available in full in the April-May 2021 issue of Nutraceuticals Now

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