Kappa Bioscience’s team goes climate-positive, partners with Ecologi

The Norwegian company recently announced its entire workforce went climate-positive from 2021 onwards. Through its cooperation with Ecologi, the company offers its employees to balance their carbon emissions – and more.

“When it comes to the growing climate emergency, the data is crystal clear – and so are the voices of our management and employees,” says Dominik Mattern, Vice President Marketing at Kappa Bioscience. “We are committed to making an impact by forming the right partnerships to enable larger, more systemic solutions, which alone we could never achieve.”

A climate positive workforce
To accomplish this task, Kappa Bioscience partnered up with Ecologi, a company whose mission is to help businesses lower their impact on the planet, by neutralizing their carbon footprint. “Ecologi is both a B2B and B2C company and our mission is to halt climate change”, explains Dennis Hettema, Head of Business to Business at Ecologi. “Our subscription for the planet aims to remove 50% of the global carbon footprint by 2040 by making climate action accessible to all,“ he concludes.

Kappa compensates each employee’s personal and professional CO2 emissions. These are calculated by Ecologi, based on data from the World Bank and the Global Carbon Project. Kappa Bioscience invests in carbon offsetting projects, including renewable energy generation, rainforest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.

“In just four months, we have so far offset more than 250+ tons of CO2, and over 5,000 trees were planted on our behalf ,” explains Dominik Mattern.

The right partner
Mattern holds a certificate from the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and advocates to engage in a more nuanced and educated discussion about sustainability and marketing.” We need a fair and enlightened playing field based on sustainability standards, data, transparency, and the willingness to do the necessary work.” There are many carbon offsetting programs or companies. But Ecologi projects are certified at the highest international level, by Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. They support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, stimulate the development of carbon reduction industry in 23 countries, and are tracked, vetted, and fully transparent.

“We have initiated a couple of promising programs to pave the way for a sustainable future. Ecologi has proven how easy and affordable it can be to be climate-positive. Convenience is the magic word here because that’s precisely what we need to unlock and scale healthy and sustainable living. Usually, business people don’t like it when ideas are stolen, but here please do,” Dominik Mattern concludes with a wink.

Watch the video announcing Kappa Bioscience’s commitment to climate positivity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN7Gw4c-n_o

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