Azelis scales up digital service offerings with e-Lab roll-outs well underway

Azelis, an innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients distribution industry, is now scaling
up its global e-Lab platform with the launch of its e-Lab for Personal Care and Food & Health customers in the United
Kingdom and for Food & Health customers in Indonesia. In the coming months, more territories and market sectors will
be onboarded on this global platform.
The launch of this platform is aligned with the company’s ambition to be the world-leading provider of digital services
and insights in the industry, leading the way in customer engagement and making its e-Lab the engine for innovation
through formulation. The roll-out of the Azelis e-Lab follows on the development of its global customer portal, a platform
which allows easy access to Azelis’ product catalogue anytime, anywhere. Additionally, customers are able to order
samples and place an order anytime and on any digital device.
Highlights & rationale
• In its ambition to become the world-leading innovation service provider for the specialty chemicals and food
ingredients distribution, Azelis now launches a global e-Lab platform as a value-adding solution to enrich
customers’ innovation capabilities.
• The Azelis e-Lab is an important addition to the company’s customer portal which offers a central place for its
customers to access data, order samples and find expert content.
• Next to sustainability and innovation, digitalization is a key pillar in Azelis’ growth strategy.
The Azelis Americas e-Lab solution was the first digital chemicals platform of this kind in the market at the time of its
launch and increased business performance for the Americas, with its optimization of customers’ time-to-market.
Leveraging the success and learnings from the Americas, Azelis has now developed the e-Lab solution for global roll-out
in multiple markets that will take place gradually over the coming months. The new, connected e-Lab solution provides
fast access to formulation and ingredient recommendations, aligned with key feedback received from customers who
were first onboarded. Through the Azelis e-Lab, customers will be able to define their formulation needs 24/7 and get
access to Azelis’ global network of technical experts active in more than 60 labs globally.
In July 2020, Azelis launched its customer portal to the first markets to increase work efficiency and improve customer
experience. Customers benefit from having one central place where they can access data about orders, samples,
formulations, and expert content – all accessible anywhere and anytime. Azelis now proudly launches its e-Lab for
Personal Care and Food & Health customers in the United Kingdom and for Food & Health customers in Indonesia.
Following these, new launches will be stepped up significantly in the coming months.
Dr. Hans Joachim Müller, Azelis Chief Executive Officer, states:
“As part of our ambition to become a leader in digital offerings to the specialty chemicals and food ingredients
distribution industry, we are continuously looking into new ways to connect and provide real-time assistance to our
customers. The Azelis e-Lab is one of a kind. It’s a connecting experience that supports customers in creating and
adapting formulations whilst providing easy access to a complete package of digital services. The combination of our
extensive, global network of 60 application labs and application experts on the one side and our growing digital
ecosystem on the other allows us to connect our experts with our customers and provide them the support they need
anywhere, anytime and in the way they prefer.”

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