Foreword to February-March 2021 Issue

Global Supplements sales spike like never before, with segments off the charts in the midst of pandemic lockdown 3

The rapid, exponential shift in attitudes towards diet, nutrition and overall wellbeing is continuing. We now regularly see in the media, corporations, and supermarkets ordinary folk becoming more and more willing to making healthier and more ethical life choices. There are so much data and stats to review, please do it at your leisure.

Why are so many purchasing supplements?

Vitamins and supplements are an easy way to help alleviate some of the ill effects of obesity-driven disease. We have, Globesity.

An alternative and natural use of products to promote well-being and provide preventative healthcare without side effects.

Many people are reaching for sports nutrition supplements to maximize their fat loss and increase their lean muscle mass.

The increasingly ageing population desire active, high-quality lives. They want to fuel an energetic retirement.

Increasing disposable income continues to lead to an increase in health conscious consumers.

What products are hot?

Vitamins and Minerals – are the forerunners and leaders and will continue to grow. The top five specialty supplements used today include. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Probiotics. Fiber. Melatonin. Glucosamine/chondroitin.

Herbal and Botanical Supplements – with fewer side effects. Consumers are purchasing organic supplement brands.

Sports Nutrition and Weight Management – is the fastest growing supplement segment.

Short term outlook: With the market booming, there is a lot of room in the dietary supplement industry, whether you are a start-up supplement brand or a major conglomerate, there are opportunities to partner and prosper, with numerous, private equity firms looking to invest.

There are the influence of Covid-19 and shifts in supply-and-demand market share, with overall increase and higher growth from previously untapped markets.

Sales/marketing – Online boom and sales battlegrounds with a vision of Supplements, Supermarkets with in house consultancy and advice.

All leading to a very optimistic outlook, but as we may also observe ‘quick-buck’ players jumping on the bandwagon, it may be advisable to look for science, transparency, and indicators of good will in order to sustain your advance for the long-haul in the new post-Covid world.

Charles Faulkner,

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