Stretch goals: Lycored showcases the power of ‘beauty from within’ as yogis worldwide send well-a-grams to strangers

Lycored has continued its mission to transform traditional perceptions of beauty by giving yogis and wellness professionals the chance to write heartfelt messages to those who need them most.

A leading supplier of ingestible skincare ingredients, Lycored’s “notes of nourishment” is aimed at helping people connect through isolation as a pandemic-adjusted evolution on its team’s ongoing #rethinkbeautiful initiative, which for the past three years has invited people to write themselves a love letter to promote beauty from within.

In January, 10,000 participants in the Wanderlust ‘It Starts at Home’ virtual yoga challenge were invited to write a short note of encouragement, appreciation or positivity to a stranger.

Over the course of the 10-day event, led by Lycored’s UK yoga ambassador Hannah Barrett, participants took the chance to connect with someone in need, writing messages such as: “I may not know who you are but I still know that you are loved. Always remember that you matter.”

Lycored will print the notes on postcards and safely distribute them to senior citizens, homeless people in need, and frontline heroes. During the pandemic, Lycored has so far delivered over 6,000 notes with a healthy meal that the company has been supplementing with fresh fruits and vegetables (via partnerships with New York Common Food Pantry,, and Operation Respect).

Lycored’s Zev Ziegler said: “We’re always exploring innovative new ways to show that beauty goes far beyond physical appearance. We believe true beauty comes from within, and we want to help consumers create the powerful inner glow that stems from true wellness. As these letters show, there is no one better to help tap into and spread that inner glow than yogis, those centered in gratitude and self-care.”

Lycored’s initiative to send a note to a stranger is hosted at There is no limit to how often users can write.

Users can also download Lycored’s wellness app, littleglow, which provides a weekly slate of engaging everyday wellness activities for the mind, body and spirit.

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