New study by Dr. Nader Abraham discusses potential role of HO-1 regulation via natural ingredients

Harrison, NEW YORK – Dr. Nader Abraham, Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at The New York Medical College, has published a recent study review in Antioxidants journal discussing the potential for multiple therapeutic strategies to help those suffering from the effects of cytokine storms.

The study looks into the pivotal role of antivirals and natural ingredients—such as TriNutra’s ThymoQuin™—to help prevent cytokine storms. Increased production of cytokines and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the inflammatory response results in the competitive inhibition of heme oxygenase (HO-1) and subsequent loss of cytoprotection. Increasing HO-1 provides additional antioxidant activity and decreases the amount of heme content in the kidney.

Cytokine storms occur when the body experiences a severe systemic inflammatory reaction. This is likely due to the increase in heme levels and decreased levels of HO-1 activity. As the inflammation grows more severe it downregulates HO-1 further and exacerbates the worsened state of the inflammatory response. The chronic inflammatory state of obesity also intensifies the downregulation of HO-1 and heightens the risk of a cytokine storm.

Thymoquinone, as found in black seed oil, is capable of upregulating HO-1 when in combination with omega-3. A particular study on the branded black seed oil ThymoQuin™, which is standardized to three percent thymoquinone, with VivoMega™ omega-3 fish oil was shown to protect against obesity induced oxidative stress, improve insulin sensitivity, and convert white fat to beige fat, thereby helping upregulate HO-1.

“There is so much we still have to learn, but our studies continue to help us progress as we search for methods to improve our health and fight against cytokine storms,” said Dr. Nader Abraham. “This research review that my colleagues and I performed (including my medical students Lior Levy, Lea Gancz, Ariel Sasson, Abraham Resnick, and Joseph Trainer) is a good sign that some natural products—such as ThymoQuin™ cold-pressed black seed oil combined with omega-3 fish oil—help induce HO-1, support healthy liver function, increase insulin sensitivity, convert white fat to beige fat, and help maintain blood pressure within a normal range. This is vital to supporting the body’s efforts against cytokine storms.”

This study theoretically solidifies the use of natural herbal medicine such as ThymoQuin™—with its potent support of a healthy inflammation response—alone or in combination with other natural ingredients to help reduce the occurrence of cytokine storms. To receive a copy of the study, you can download it here. To learn more about ThymoQuin’s benefits for a healthy inflammatory response and better immune defense, visit or contact TriNutra’s exclusive U.S. distribution partner, Barrington Nutritionals.

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