Rosella: Her Ally for an Intimate Flora

A convenient orally administered probiotic shown to support women’s intimate health

Probiotics for women’s health

Over the past five years, the market for nutritional ingredients for women’s health carried on evolving to a more mature market, driven by consumers’ interest and research and development. With robust scientific backing and product development on the rise, global probiotic markets have been, in fact, growing fast for more than a decade. Lumina Intelligence confirms products have diversified from initial cores of gastro-intestinal health and immunity to a much broader range of benefits including skin, sports performance, brain health and more female-focused areas like vaginal health, urinary tract infections (UTIs), pregnancy and osteoporosis. Probiotics research and development is undeniably popular, with over 1600 ongoing human clinical trials on probiotics listed in clini- and WHO’s trial database.

According to Grand View Research, the women’s health and beauty supplement market has reached $49.8 Billion in 2019 and the estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for 2020-2026 is 4.75%. The probiotics for women’s health core growth areas are: vaginal health, urinary tract infections, pregnancy and skin health. Among non-supplement women users, 40% of them think their feminine health issues could be improved by using supplements.

This article is available in full in the October 2020 issue of Nutraceuticals Now

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