New MCT products added to Bioriginal portfolio!

Bioriginal is known as the expert in the field of MCT.
We see a rising demand and new developments in this area. That is why we keep developing our portfolio to be up to date with the changing demand.

Besides our “standard” MCT oils and powders we successfully introduced several MCT products this year already: MCT Bomb (an easy on-the-go MCT emulsion snack), Vegan MCT C8 Powder & Organic MCT Oil 60/40.

Today we are adding 2 new product lines of MCT oils to our product portfolio:

1. Flavoured MCT oil:
A lot of consumers consume the MCT oil directly or would like to take it directly. Our regular MCT oils have a very neutral taste, which is very nice for a lot of applications. But when you would like to consume the oil directly, why wouldn’t you enjoy it with and add a nice taste to it? That is why we have the following flavours available:
MCT lemon
MCT orange
MCT coconut
MCT vanilla.

Our MCT C8, 60/40, 70/30 and organic oils are all suitable to use in combination with a flavour.

2. MCT brain & heart power:
MCT brain & heart power is a vegan combination of MCT C8 and AlgalPure EPA/DHA.
MCT is researched on brain health, satiety and is an overall source of energy. EPA and DHA combined are researched and well known for the maintenance of brain and heart health. These 2 ingredients together make the ideal healthy lifestyle supplement for athletes, diets, healthy lifestyle and elderly.

Are you looking for other product developments with MCT? Feel free to contact us.

To help our customers to put their own labelled finished product on the market, we have expanded our production facilities by installing a new bottling filling line to be able to fill oil in a consumer packaging.

Bioriginal keeps on developing and moving forward to serve you and your customers!

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