New Study Shows Robuvit® to Improve Vigor Naturally.

Horphag Research, we are excited to share a new peer-reviewed pilot study which found that daily supplementation with Robuvit® French oak wood extract improves energy, enthusiasm, and physical and mental health associated with vigor.

This new research examined a group of 40 male participants between the ages of 50 and 65 who reported decreased vigor and stamina in addition to high levels of oxidative stress. Participants in the Robuvit® group reported significantly improved mental and mood attributes after 4 weeks compared to a control group, including:

• 55% increase in energy
• 75% improvement in activity level
• 67% increase in enthusiasm
• 80% reduction in feelings of apathy
• 45% increase in physical and mental health
• 15% improvement of oxidative stress levels

Robuvit® French oak wood extract is a powerful antioxidant shown in numerous clinical studies to combat oxidative stress and support natural energy and mood, including significant findings on its benefits for improving symptoms related to chronic fatigue syndrome and PTSD.

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