Botanical extracts: chances and challenges

In an interview with Nutraceuticals Now, Andrea Zangara,Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing at Euromed, discusses the possibilities, challenges and applications for botanical extracts in general and nootropics in particular.

How do you see the current market potential for botanical products?

The opportunity for natural solutions is vast. Products from plants are in particular demand because of their potential synergistic complexity and their ability to interact with multiple mechanisms within the body. Plants often produce phytochemicals as adaptive mechanisms, for example to help them survive in different environmental conditions or to ward off insects and herbivores. Researchers are increasingly looking at their possible effects on human health. Our current key focus is on the ageing population, keeping in mind that prevention should start early. The multifactorial process involved in accelerated ageing was recently defined as ‘cognitive frailty’, a geriatric condition including frailty syndrome and mental impairment. Current developments in the search for novel treatments that preserve cognitive function include those for slowing down the progression of age-related mental decline. We have a growing interest in this area, as several of our extracts offer huge potential for the healthy ageing market.

This article is available in full in the Summer 2020 issue of Nutraceuticals Now

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