Fearne’s Favourite plant-based recipes

“January is the perfect time to make good choices and feel great. Eating plant-based meals gives me energy and keeps me feeling good and balanced. If you’re planning to follow a vegan diet in 2020, or simply want to eat more plant-based meals, check out my favourite recipes on the Mindful Chef menu this month. Mindful Chef’s recipe boxes are packed full of delicious ingredients and make healthy eating easy.”

Fearne’s Favourite plant-based recipes will be available to order on the Mindful Chef menu from the 5th to 29th January – recipes include; Sesame Tofu Mango and Spicy Ginger Dressing, Buckwheat Pizza, Mushroom, Sundried Tomato and Pesto and Veggie lasagne with Aubergine and Pesto.


With options for all lifestyles, Mindful Chef offers one-person, two-person and family recipe boxes as well as a range of chef-prepared frozen meals.


Mindful Chef’s family box features new family-friendly recipes, from favourites like Veggie and Cannellini Bean Lasagne to more adventurous dishes like Aubergine Quinoa Stuffed Rolls. The family recipes cater for two adults, plus two to three children. With a maximum of 20 mins prep, the whole family can get involved with the cooking.


Mindful Chef’s frozen range includes eight plant-based chef-prepared meals, that are free from gluten and refined carbs. As with all Mindful Chef products, the recipes are nutritionally-balanced and all the quality ingredients are sustainably sourced.

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