NS Farms Launches Elder Pure Elderberry

INS Farms Launches Elder Pure Elderberry

PURDY, MO – INS Farms has entered the natural health ingredient supply industry with its Elder Pure elderberry line of versatile raw materials. The company was founded by CEO Devon Bennett and partner Brittany Lueckenhoff, and is the largest grower/processor and supplier of black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) in North America.

Elder Pure as a brand that incorporates five distinct ingredients:

Whole fruit elderberry powder

Organic Elderberry Juice Powder 100% water soluble with no additives

Elderberry Seed Oil

Elderberry Liquid Extracts Syrup

Black Elderberry Extract Powder

“Elderberry’s time in the marketplace is here and it is something we have been preparing for,” said Bennett, who initially began operating with the berry three years ago as a partner with a consumer brand.

“At that time, maybe 20% of the people we met at trade shows were familiar with elderberry as a consumable product. However now in 2019 thanks to several mommy bloggers and the circulation of natural remedy stories online, most people have at least heard of elderberry before. As a grower and vertical elderberry supplier, we are heavily emphasizing the widespread benefits of elderberry.”

Bennett and his team began planting American elderberry in 2013 and founded INS Farms in 2015. He now has more than 100 acres of the sought after super fruit, with another 160 acres in development.

It takes between four to five years for the mature plant to provide nutrient-rich elderberry, he noted. “We have guaranteed sustainability and supply. We have standardized our berries. The North American black elderberry has the same quality as the European black elderberry, but it is distinctive in that it has a unique DNA biomarker.”

Bennett and his team have funded testing of their own berries and have qualitative research to illustrate their properties.

INS Farms is a vertical supplier of pure elderberry ingredients, and it owns a processing center that performs juicing, concentrating, drying and cold storage, for a wide variety of consumer product applications.

“ElderPure elderberry has many more attractive uses beyond just cough/immune-boosting syrup,” Bennett commented. “We like to say our elderberry is good for everyone, every day.”

Elderberry is suggested by science to be viable for use to manage cholesterol, boost immunity via its antioxidant activity, support healthy vision, and protect heart health. Elderberries contain vitamins A, B, C and E as well as polyphenols and proanthocyanidins.

For more information, visit www.qualityelderberry.com.

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