Succeed in the growing mobility market with Bioiberica at Vitafoods 2019

Succeed in the growing mobility market with Bioiberica at Vitafoods 2019

Barcelona, 18 April 2019 – Bioiberica, a global life science company committed to the health and wellbeing of people, animals and plants worldwide, will showcase its ability to support supplement, food and beverage manufacturers in meeting growing demand for more holistic joint health products. Alongside its extensive R&D expertise, the company will present its comprehensive portfolio of science-backed, on-trend nutraceutical ingredients, specifically designed to deliver greater mobility.

During the exhibition (7 May, 12:20 – 12:50 pm), Marta Masides, head of Product Support at Bioiberica’s R&D department, will share Bioiberica’s latest insights, placing a particular focus on the increasing popularity of more holistic health and wellbeing products that provide benefits beyond joint health for better mobility. During the presentation titled ‘Succeed in the growing mobility market with on-trend, scientifically-proven ingredients’, attendees will have the opportunity to discover how the company’s comprehensive range of solutions can help them cater to the latest consumer preferences.

Naturally-derived, on-trend ingredients 

Aimed at supporting consumers in maintaining an active lifestyle for longer, Bioiberica will highlight a selection of its branded nutraceutical ingredients – Mobilee®, b-2Cool® and Tendoactive® – developed to promote joint, muscle and tendon health. Bioiberica’s Mobilee®, a rich source of hyaluronic acid and other ingredients including collagen and polysaccharides, supports joint function and muscle health, contributing to overall mobility. Similarly, Bioiberica’s b-2Cool® is a native type II collagen-based nutraceutical ingredient that maintains joint health via an immune-mediated mechanism. Efficacious at low dosages, both ingredients can help brands meet rising consumer demand for more convenient dosages and supplement formats. Bioiberica’s Tendoactive® will complete the company’s mobility showcase. The food supplement, which effectively nourishes tendons and maintains their biomechanical properties, contains a specific combination of type I collagen, mucopolysaccharides and vitamin C.

“As an established leader in the joint health space, we are well positioned to help manufacturers enter the expanding mobility market”, says Jaume Reguant, Healthcare Director, Bioiberica S.A.U. “While the focus on healthy aging continues to drive a significant number of new developments, the market has been evolving for a while and now expands beyond the senior population. We constantly innovate to meet these changing needs and better support our customers in developing effective, scientifically-proven nutraceuticals that consumers will love.”

Innovating through shared expertise 

Reguant continues: “To develop successful products, we strongly believe that shared expertise is key. Throughout the years, collaboration with customers has played a significant part in our business. Our extensive R&D expertise and complete portfolio of naturally-sourced ingredients, combined with the application knowledge our partners have to offer, has led to the creation of market-leading solutions. At this year’s Vitafoods, we are keen to discuss our partnership success and inspire the next generation of product developments.”

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