Polaris is Launching the Sensory® Concept for its Omega-3 Oils

Polaris has taken the potential of algal Omega-3 to a new level by featuring the “Sensory® Concept” to its algal range of products

The new range of algal oil “Omegavie® DHA algae Qualitysilver®5” is produced entirely in France from sustainable sources of microalgae, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans. These oils are derived from microalgae cultivated in a strictly controlled environment. It is extracted using an entirely natural enzymatic process with no solvents, then subjected to a high-tech purification and possibly to a concentration process. The whole production process is completely eco-friendly. Polaris algae oils are non-GMO Verified, free from allergens, and they guarantee an optimal dosage thanks to its high content in DHA. Two grades are available on the market: the natural one with 400mg/g of DHA and the concentrate, which contains at least 650mg/g of DHA. It also delivers exceptional stability performance with the latest Qualitysilver®5 generation without impacting the organoleptic level of the finished products (neutral flavour & taste).

Omegavie® oils benefit from Polaris’ unique 5th generation of Qualitysilver® process, making them ultra-stable. This patented technology, specially designed for algal DHA, prevents the Omega-3 from oxidative stress, therefore avoids the polyunsaturated fatty acids degradation and reduces the risk of organoleptic failings in the finished product.

Testing has shown that Omegavie® DHA 650 algae Qualitysilver®5 is about 4 times more stable than standard algal oil*, which means that its nutritional, flavour, aroma and mouthfeel qualities are perfectly preserved, and its shelf life optimised.

Omegavie® DHA algae Qualitysilver®5 is ideal for use in dietary supplements as well as food preparations (i.e milk, dressing oils, dairies…) due to its neutral organoleptic impact. DHA Omega-3 is recognised as contributing to the maintenance of normal vision, as well as normal brain and heart function. DHA supplementation is strongly recommended for pregnant women, particularly in the last three months of pregnancy, and for breastfeeding mothers.

This article is available in full in the Winter 2019 issue of Nutraceuticals Now

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