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Challenges of product development
As a Food company you understand the challenges of product development. Trends a re moving at a fast pace. Consumers seek products that are aligned with their values and continue to become more informed about food, general health status and their environment.

Timely market introduction
The timely market introduction of new products that are aligned with emerging consumer trends is a challenge for many companies. The process of creating novel, relevant products and moving them through R&D, testing and marketing to retail takes time.

Shorten time to market
To shorten your time to market Triskelion is proud to offer disruptive technologies and expertise to accelerate and support your product development without any ethical constraints.

TIM: in vitro gastrointestinal model
Our validated in vitro gastrointestinal (GI) models accurately simulate the dynamic conditions in the stomach and small intestine (tiny-TIM & TIM-1) and the large intestine (TIM-2). The digestibility of food compounds, absorbability of nutrients and the effect of non-digested compounds on the gut microbiota can be studied with the intake of representative meals. This generates detailed information about the fate and activity of oral compounds. TIM data have a high predictive quality for your targeted consumers.

As a reliable* in vitro tool, the TIM models are an excellent alternative to animal studies and will help you to reduce the failure rate of time consuming and expensive human clinical studies.

The in vitro TIM models contribute to effective product development by selecting your most promising candidate aimed at selected consumer populations (adult, children, elderly and healthy or ill). TIM studies quickly and cost-efficiently provide relevant information about the gastro-intestinal digestion of your products and subsequent release, stability and bio-accessibility of the relevant compounds. Studies can be performed under various simulated human and animal gastrointestinal conditions related to different types of drinks and meals as well as age and health status. We can help you accelerate your product development either through contract research at our R&D facilities or by installing a TIM model at your own premises.

* Published in more than 200 scientific peer-reviewed publications.

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Let’s discuss how we can accelerate your product development and time to market!

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