Protein Popularity Continues to Soar


Cornelius, an independent European distributor of high quality, innovative
ingredients for the food and drink industry, believes increasing consumer interest will continue to drive new applications for protein in the general health & wellness area.

Traditionally used by athletes and bodybuilders to support their careful dietary management, protein has fully established itself as a mainstream ingredient in a wide variety of food and drink brands. The protein product category is increasingly attracting ‘lifestyle’ users who consider protein products integral to their health and wellbeing.

Joy Thomas, Business Manager, Health & Nutrition at Cornelius, said: “The wide-ranging benefits linked to protein have been responsible for pushing it into the spotlight in the context of healthy eating. As a result, more consumers are choosing products that promise additional benefits to suit their modern lifestyle.”

To tap into this growing market, Cornelius is working with partners who are developing synergies between proteins and other nutritional ingredients to build a holistic approach to healthy product development. For example, international food ingredients company Agropur has recently launched new Whey Protein Pods. The pods, which are designed to add a crunchy texture to both sweet and savoury applications while fortifying them with protein, can be used in foods such as snack mixes, cereal, granola and protein & nutritional bars. Neutrally flavoured, the pods contain 70 per cent protein content.

The growing availability and visibility of accessible protein filled snacks and drinks is fuelling the shift towards mainstream protein use. Time-poor consumers can still utilise the benefits of protein consumption with on-the-go protein products.

AlzChem, leading manufacturer of creatine monohydrate, is another Cornelius partner tapping into the convenience trend with their Creapure® brand. The ingredient, which is available as chewable tablets or as a powder, cotains pure creatine monohydrate which helps muscle recovery following exercise.

Protein popularityThomas continues: “Sports nutrition is not a new idea – food supplements and protein powders are long-established product categories. However, the blurring of boundaries between sports nutrition and mainstream food and drink will continue to fuel protein sector growth.

“Increasing consumer interest in healthy eating and more active lifestyles will continue to create demand for new high-protein foods across a whole range of segments. Cornelius is working with its partners to bring great ideas and innovative new product development solutions to market to meet these evolving needs.”

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