A first for Cranberry company Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals

Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals first to demonstrate a three-year stability for its PACs in whole fruit cranberry powder

This category leader also is the only company guaranteeing a 7% PAC content

Headquarters of cranberry company Fruit d'Or Nutraceuticals

Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals has been the first cranberry company to identify insoluble PACs in its whole fruit cranberry products. It is now the first cranberry supplier to conduct real-time shelf life testing on the stability of its whole fruit cranberry powder’s soluble and insoluble PACs. The company has confirmed three-year stability of its total PACs and guaranteed a minimum of 7% PAC content in both its brands: Cran d’Or and Cran Naturelle organic.

“Fruit d’Or whole fruit cranberry powder maintains its natural bright red color over three years with little PAC degradation. No other whole fruit cranberry supplier can say this,” states Stephen Lukawski, CEO of RSSI and lead sales consultant and partner for Fruit D’Or Nutraceuticals.

This news is especially significant because Fruit d’Or is the only whole fruit cranberry powder supplier to link its 7% PAC analysis with anti-adhesion activity, through testing by Rutgers University. “Fruit d’Or has worked diligently to establish a higher standard of quality for whole fruit cranberry powders. Fruit d’Or is using advanced analytical equipment such as Maldi-TOF for identification and authentication, polyphenol fingerprinting, updated reference standards and quantitative testing methods to support its outcome studies,” Lukawski explains. “Through identification, standardization and authentication of your starting cranberry powder, clinical studies can now be repeated and validated. We want companies to understand that Fruit d’Or’s vertically integrated farm-to-table operation delivers consistency and provides quality control from lot to lot.

“We’ve shown that daily dosages of 1 gram of our cranberry powder with a minimum of 7% PACs can help prevent colonization of pathogenic E. coli bacteria. This is why it’s critically important to protect the integrity of the whole fruit cranberry. As a supplier, we do our best to prevent PAC degradation by using state-of-the-art milling techniques and low drying temperatures.”

Lukawski cautioned, however, that if manufacturers use excess heat in their tablet or encapsulation process, or don’t store the ingredients properly, it could affect the PACs’ integrity and efficacy. “In addition, adding lubricating agents or other excipients in the manufacturing process could also likely degrade both the soluble and insoluble PACs, and turn the color of the cranberry from red to brown.” He added, “If companies don’t want to show PAC content on their labels, at least indicate the source of the cranberry and conduct real-time anti-adhesion testing to demonstrate the efficacy of your finished product.” It’s about earning the trust of consumers through transparency and by delivering on promise safe and efficacious cranberry products.

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