Bormioli Pharma Brings New Packaging Concept For The Nutraceutical Sector To Vitafoods 2018

Bormioli Pharma Brings New Packaging Concept For The Nutraceutical Sector To Vitafoods 2018

Bormioli Pharma’s AccuRec Offers Ideal Solution For Nutraceutical Sector’s Fast Growth and Primary Distribution Channels

May 11, 2018, Fidenza, Italy – this year’s Vitafoods Conference (May 15-17, 2018) sees Bormioli Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical glass and plastic packaging manufacturer, firmly establish its position within the nutraceutical sector. Bormioli Pharma has expanded its dual chamber system range to meet the growing demand in this market.

Bormioli Pharma’s AccuRec is a high-tech packaging solution that offers precise reconstitution for oral products, including food supplements. AccuRec’s dual chamber system guarantees safety while keeping the ingredient properties unchanged. Reconstitution is usually complex but AccuRec’s dual-chamber system is easy to use, enabling the consumer to reconstitute oral food supplements in just a few easy steps. Being reusable, AccuRec gives consumers flexibility to take the reconstituted product at any time. Finally, oral food supplements using this product mechanism retain their freshness as the ingredients are not pre-mixed but instead are mixed together immediately before consumption.

The nutraceutical market is fast growing not only in Italy but in the whole of Europe. In 2016, the European market registered a compound annual growth rate of 6.39% and is valued at $79.71 billion. With the rate of growth increasing, consumer convenience and portability are critical in today’s market with increasing demand for more functional and efficient packaging. 56% of Europeans believe in positive nutrition and functional consumers are open to new brands with many willing to pay a premium. AccuRec supports nutraceutical manufacturers by supplying them with a packaging solution that meets the ever-changing demands of the nutraceutical market.

The most common distribution channel in Europe for dietary supplements is through pharmacy, and AccuRec is perfect for nutraceutical firms who want to sell through this channel. Its more robust activation mechanism and safety features means AccuRec provides the ideal packaging for these manufacturers. Bormioli Pharma originally designed AccuRec as a pharmaceutical packaging solution, resulting in a delivery system that not only promotes the efficacy of nutrients but is safer and more reliable than mass-market products.

“Innovative delivery systems are becoming more desirable in the nutraceutical sector, with companies wanting to distinguish themselves from the rest while ensuring maximum nutritional benefits are achieved2. We are excited to showcase what AccuRec offers this sector at Vitafoods, one of the key nutraceutical events in Europe.” says Elena Piazza, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Bormioli Pharma.

Bormioli Pharma will exhibit at Vitafoods 2018 and AccuRec samples are available on request.

To learn more about Bormioli Pharma’s AccuRec and their packaging innovations visit the Vitafoods Stand D40 or contact Anna Malori, Business Development (

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