Nutraceuticals Live – Summit & Expo

It is a fact that the market of nutraceutical products has experienced an amazing growth in the last decade. The consumer, increasingly worried about their diet and their health, opt for the acquisition of products that have bene t and provide greater well-being in all levels. Food, dietetics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry sees the growing demand for these products and finds that is a differentiation factor for them which allows to meet the demand of its clients, as well. In fact, in Spain the demand for nutraceutical products increases every year.

A primary impetus for such growth is consumer demand; consumers are looking to follow healthy lifestyles and obtain optimum nutrition to keep diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity at bay.

Nutraceuticals Live – Summit & Expo is the international event for the industry of functional products. The professional meeting point for manufacturers, food retailers, food distributors, pharmacies, specialized points of sale, opinion leaders and consumer influencers.

It is the first event fully specialized in functional products for the food, pharma and cosmetics sectors, will celebrate its first edition in Madrid (Spain) on 26th and 27th September 2018.

The event, which aims to become the platform for the promotion of the values of functional products and their contributions to the health and well-being, is aimed at the food & beverage, dietary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries that will meet over two days with their customers and opinion leaders.

Nutraceuticals Live will generate a tremendous boost to the commercial promotion and will become a meeting point of trends and innovation, allowing participants to establish and strengthen relationships with leading professionals in the sector.

Nutraceuticals Live gives continuity to Nutraceuticals Europe, event specialized in functional ingredients and novel ingredients that Aude Business Events organized last February at Feria de Madrid (Spain), obtaining great results and the unanimous congratulations of the sector by its initiative.

This time, Nutraceuticals Live will give response to another part of the sector’s value chain, from the product manufacturers to their opinion leaders and distribution channels.

The organizers, with the support of some of the leading institutions in the sector, both national and international, have designed an event that it will fit its dynamic to the request of the sector needs, combining education, information and commercial development, through a Summit & Expo format.

On the one hand, Nutraceuticals Live Summit – combines the analysis of trends, scientific innovation and training, through academic content, with a very high level of speakers, internationally recognized.

And on the other, Nutraceuticals Live Expo – is the place where the business contacts will boost business development between the different profiles of the value chain: the manufacturer will have the opportunity to deal directly with opinion leaders, consumer motivators, distributors, food retail chains, food distributors, pharmacies and specialized outlets (drugstores, healthy food shops, dietetics shops and/ or nutrition shops, beauty retail chains and sports nutrition centres).

The event will help promote the marketing of products, encouraging debate on trends and innovation. It will also help establish and reinforce connections with the most prominent professionals in the sector.

The exhibition will generate a huge boost to the commercial products promotion and will became a centre for discussion on trends and innovation, which will allow participants to establish and strengthen relationships with leading professionals in the sector.

Nutraceuticals Live is the right place for companies to generate business, contact new costumers, identify new sales channels, gain the loyalty of customers, establish alliances for a more competitive sales structure.

The event will allow the companies meet an exclusive concentration of professional visitors to discuss issues smoothly and directly, share large amounts of information in a short period of times, exchange views and ideas and meet potential collaborators.

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