Beyond Preventing Age-Related Eye Disease… vision performance and the macular carotenoids

Much of the time, it is difficult to convince a young, healthy person to take a supplement that may help their vision many years down the road. Moreover, these younger consumers are looking for products that target specific benefits rather than prevention. The good news is that the macular carotenoids (lutein, RR-zeaxanthin and RS [meso]-zeaxanthin) have been shown in numerous studies to provide benefits by supporting not only visual health but also visual performance.

Visual performance can be described by several key functions:

  • Contrast Sensitivity: Contrast sensitivity pertains to the ability to see the difference between objects as well as depth perception. It is especially important in situations of low light — such as driving at night, or under conditions of fog or haze.
  • Glare Performance: Glare occurs under conditions of direct, bright light. It also occurs when using digital devices like computers and smartphones because the light emitted is focused directly into the eyes. Glare not only disrupts clear vision but can also lead to eye fatigue and strain.
  • Photostress Recovery: Bright flashes of light or sudden changes in light intensity requires your eyes to adjust rapidly. The ability of the eyes to recovery from the temporary blindness resulting from a flash bulb is an example of photostress recovery.

The Macular Carotenoids Protect AND Perform

In a 12-month randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study—known as the B.L.U.E. (Blue Light User Exposure) study—young, healthy subject supplemented with either a placebo or two different doses of lutein and zeaxanthin isomers (10 and 2mg or 20 and 4mg, respectively, from Lutemax 2020) resulting in a significant improvement in glare performance, photostress recovery and contrast sensitivity compared to placebo at both doses after 6 months with additional improvements found at 12 months2. The B.L.U.E. study also demonstrated that supplementing with all three macular carotenoids from Lutemax 2020 in those exposed to various sources of high-energy blue light–including sunlight, digital devices, screens and LED lighting showed signi cant improvement in eye fatigue and eye strain—symptoms associated with long-duration exposure to blue light3.

Macular carotenoids may be just what consumers are looking for—optimizing visual performance now and supporting healthy vision as they age.


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Brian Appell,
Marketing Manager, OmniActive Health Technologies, Morristown, NJ

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