Gluten free quality pushed higher

The target quality for gluten-free bakery products is constantly being pushed higher. More actors in the market are forcing product development forward. At the same time, price pressure is fierce which counteracts the quality ambitions.

We see an increasing number of gluten free producers in the market and large numbers of new launches in the stores. The British market has the highest activity in this segment with the US and Brazil not far behind. The amount of new product launches and spread into private labels means a pressure for lower prices and every ingredient is being scrutinized. For gluten-free formulations this is extra challenging.

High and stable quality – what does it take?

Ingredients lists are often long and there is reason behind. A gluten-free bread formulation needs a number of ingredients – starches, gums, fibres – each has its own task in achieving stable quality. The quality of the ingredients cannot be compromised and parameters must be monitored to secure the consistent quality of the finished product.

This article is available in full in the Winter 2016 issue of Nutraceuticals Now