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Active oral solution for reducing cellulite

Cellulite represents a major beauty issue causing emotional and psychological distress to 80% of post-adolescent women. Backed by one published randomized, placebo controlled clinical study, SOD B Dimpless®, a natural and bioactive melon SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD), visually reduces cellulite on thighs after 28 days of oral supplementation at 40 mg/day (480 IU SOD). SOD B Dimpless® acts against the two main causes of cellulite development which are collagen fibers fibrosis and fat cells hypertrophy. SOD B Dimpless® is the only active ingredient with clinical and mechanistic evidences on its capacity to reduce cellulite by oral route.

Clinical efficacy

Produced by Bionov (France), SOD B Dimpless® is a natural source of bioactive SOD (12, 000 IU/g) obtained from a proprietary non-GMO Cantaloup melon (Cucumis melo. L) variety, naturally rich in this primary antioxidant enzyme.

SOD B Dimpless® efficacy has been assessed in a double-blind randomized placebo controlled clinical study, performed on 41 women (31-50 years old) under dermatological control [1]. Cellulite has been evaluated visually by scoring fat nodes on thighs, without pinching, according to a linear scale ranging from 0 to 10 defined by practitioners.

Women were divided into two distinct groups:

  • 21 were orally supplemented with SOD B Dimpless® at 40 mg/day, i.e. 480 IU SOD for 56 consecutive days;
  • 20 were orally supplemented with the placebo for 56 consecutive days.

Results reported that SOD B Dimpless® significantly (P< 0.05) reduces visible cellulite on thighs by -9.5% and -11.3% after respectively 28 and 56 days of oral supplementation, compared to the placebo group (Figure 1). 71% of women enrolled in this study have been satisfied by this reduction of the dimpling aspect of their skin.

Visual cellulite on thighs

Figure 1: Visual scoring of cellulite on thighs after 28 (D28) and 56 (D56) days of oral supplementation with SOD B Dimpless® compared to placebo.

A demonstrated synergistic action

SOD B Dimpless® is ideally suited to reduce cellulite thanks to an efficient dual action against the two main identified causes of cellulite development which are fibrosis of connective tissue and adipocytes hypertrophy. SOD B Dimpless® provides both smoothing & slimming effects.


The appearance of cellulite is linked to excessive fat storage in adipocytes, i.e. the fat cells. Subjected to high pressure, adipocytes increase both in size and number, phenomenon called adipocytes hypertrophy. This process is accompanied by the intrusion of fat in the dermis, circulatory abnormalities, an accumulation of toxic waste and water retention.

Both animal [2] and mechanistic in vitro [3] studies on human adipocytes (biopsy) have confirmed the capacity of SOD B Dimpless® to correct fat cells hypertrophy. A significant reduction of adipocytes size by -54% has been observed in obese animals orally supplemented with SOD B Dimpless® at the human dosage of 400 IU SOD/day for 28 days, compared to the non- supplemented control group (Figure 2). This significant reduction of fat cells size has been highlighted through a staining examination (Figure 3).

Adipocytes size

Figure 2: Evaluation of adipocytes size with or without SOD B Dimpless® oral supplementation. 

Adipocytes size-(1)

Figure 3: Abdominal adipocyte size assessed by staining of adipose tissue sections with or without SOD B Dimpless® oral supplementation. 

This decrease of adipocytes mean diameter has been linked to a stimulation of lipolysis, i.e. the degradation of fat, by +43%. These results have been confirmed on human adipose tissue explants treated with SOD B Dimpless® [3].


The progressive accumulation of fat results in the destruction of collagen fibers, and the development of stiffened and thickened fibers limiting the invagination of fat lobules. This loss of elasticity of the collagen fibers compresses the connective tissue of the dermis, causing a state of fibrosis. All these mechanisms confer to the skin the well-known orange-peel like appearance.

SOD B Dimpless® is the only active ingredient which targets specifically severe fibrotic cellulite on thighs, allowing to restore skin elasticity. According to the clinical study, SOD B Dimpless® acts mainly on thighs where severe cellulite, known as the fibrotic one, is present. The capacity of SOD B Dimpless® to resorb fibrosis has been confirmed in a study performed on an obese animal model [2]. An inhibition of -52% of adipose tissue fibrosis has been reported in animals orally supplemented with SOD B Dimpless®, at the corresponding human dosage of 400 IU SOD, for 28 days compared to non- supplemented animals (Figure 4).


Figure 4: Adipose tissue collagen fibers fibrosis quantification with or without SOD B Dimpless® oral supplementation. 

Such inhibition has been highlighted through a staining evaluation: as shown in the Figure 5, SOD B Dimpless® significantly corrects the fibrous area stained in red compared to control [2].

Fibrosis staining

Figure 5: Abdominal adipose tissue fibrosis assessed by red staining of abdominal tissue sections with or without SOD B Dimpless® oral supplementation. 

These results confirm the well-known action on SOD against fibrosis, already demonstrated in more than 100 scientific publications following its use as an anti-fibrotic agent by the pharmaceutical industry in the 90’s.

Highly guaranteed in SOD (12,000 IU SOD/g), SOD B Dimpless® efficiency results from its capacity to stimulate the body’s endogenous primary antioxidant defenses. 4 publications performed by Dr Carillon, pre-clinical research manager at Bionov, have shown that an oral SOD B Dimpless® supplementation stimulates the expression of SOD, but also catalase and glutathione peroxidase, i.e. the three primary antioxidant enzymes, in targeted tissues, especially the adipose tissue [2, 4-6]. Such a way of action is linked to the correction of oxidative stress and inflammation, both processes responsible for cellulite development.

An innovative solution for the nutricosmetic market 

Cellulite represents a major beauty issue for post- adolescent women seeking to ameliorate their visual appearances. Cellulite concerns more than 200 million women in Europe and 2 billion around the world. However, only few products exist today in the oral supplementation market, essentially due to the absence of scientifically demonstrated active ingredients targeting one of the main causes of cellulite: the connective tissue fibrosis. This, combined with the considerable prevalence of cellulite, allows full innovation in the market of nutritional products dedicated to fight cellulite.

SOD B Dimpless® perfectly matches with the important consumer demand for efficient solutions against cellulite. Only active ingredient scientifically demonstrated to act both against fibrosis of collagen fibers, and fat cells hypertrophy, SOD B Dimpless® represents an efficient solution for restoring skin elasticity and correcting the skin dimpling aspect.

The strong scientific support added to the completely original positioning of SOD B Dimpless®, has already been rewarded by two major Awards. SOD B Dimpless has been recognized as the Most Innovative Ingredient at the Nutraceutical Business & Technology (NBT) awards 2013, and as the Beauty Innovation of the year 2012 at the Nutrition and Wellness Excellence Awards.

Easy and efficient formulation

SOD B Dimpless® is a bioactive form of SOD by oral route with demonstrated gastric protection. Available with patented coatings which preserve the SOD bioactivity, SOD B Dimpless® is suitable for the formulation of numerous nutritional applications, including:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Softgels
  • Gums & candies
  • Instant drinks

Based on its high SOD activity (12,000 IU SOD/g), SOD B Dimpless® is efficient at low recommended dosage allowing its easy incorporation into formulations. The daily dosage is only 40 mg providing 480 IU SOD.

SOD B Dimpless® can be easily combined with synergistic ingredients in a ready to use formulation for obtaining optimal reducing effects against cellulite. Components such as grape seeds extract rich in monomeric flavonoids for their microcirculation properties, zinc, which is a SOD co-factor and an efficient trace element for maintaining skin elasticity, or caffeine for its fat burner action, constitute relevant ingredients for synergistic effects.


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Sébastien Le Quéré – Products Manager
Benoit Lemaire – Business & Marketing Director

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