Sinetrol®… proven fat burning efficacy

Globally, in 2014, 13% of the adult population were obese and 39% were overweight. Such a pandemic is closely linked to the development of non-communicable diseases, the leading cause of death worldwide. These chronic diseases are the result of overweight-induced metabolic disorders, oxidative stress and chronical low-grade inflammation which could lead to the development of cardiovascular events and diabetes.

Nevertheless, excess of weight is preventable. A regular physical activity associated with dietary measures are the easiest way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Among the most studied dietary pattern, the Mediterranean diet, whose key feature includes high consumption of polyphenols-rich fruits and vegetables, demonstrated to be inversely associated with obesity. In view of such health benefits, Fytexia creates opportunities in weight management, anti-aging and every day nutrition through synergies of polyphenols inspired by the Mediterranean diet. Legitimately established in South of France, on the Mediterranean seashore, the company picks up inspiration from the fields and turns it into clinically proven solutions for dietary supplements development. Among a range of 5 clinically proven solutions, Sinetrol®, the most supported specialty from this selection, is leading the market of natural fat burning ingredients.

This article is available in full in the Special 2015 issue of Nutraceuticals Now