Omega 3 – nutrition and cognitive health across the ages

The impact that adequate nutrition has on our health has been of interest to academics and medical professionals for hundreds of years. In the UK, it will have been hard to miss the flurry of government and non-government organisation strategies promoting the benefits of a healthy balanced diet in a bid to increase the nation’s awareness. Despite these messages, and a definite increase in the number of people taking an interest in the composition of the food they consume, the fact that deficiencies
can affect each and every one of us, is perhaps still underestimated. It may be that it is easier to fully appreciate the effects of inadequate nutrition rather than adequate nutrition, or perhaps many of us consider our diets to be healthy and balanced when, in fact, there may be specific nutrients we are missing. In recent years, links between cognitive health and nutrition have been strengthening with the focus remaining largely on omega-3, polyunsaturated fatty acids (FAs).

This article is available in full in the Winter 2015 issue of Nutraceuticals Now