Probiotics… are a woman’s best friends

Whether we are convinced or not that «Women are from Venus and men are from Mars», we have to admit that we are different, at least on a biological level! Women express specific well-being and health concerns at each stage of their lifecycle, mainly linked to hormonal changes. The benefits of probiotics to support women’s health are increasingly recognised. This is mainly based on probiotics’ ability to maintain and restore endogenous microfloras balance: the vaginal microflora, with positive consequences on feminine health; as well as the digestive microflora, benefiting digestive health, stress or immunity. Based on a rich strain bank and in-depth knowledge of probiotics modes of actions and clinical research, Lallemand Health Solutions is offering a unique range of probiotic strains to be formulated into adapted formats to address specific issues of women’s health within three major areas:

1) Feminine health
2) Everyday health
3) Age-specific health

This article is available in full in the Winter 2014 issue of Nutraceuticals Now