Chocolate and beyond

Barry Callebaut is ready for a sugar free future

Lots of things have already been said about sugar. But did you catch up on the most important fact: that it’s perfectly possible to live in a world without added sugar? Or in a world with less sugar? In this world, chocolate and cocoa products can be as tasty and delicious as ever, rest assured.

Barry Callebaut has a long tradition of in-depth and innovating research. Since 1990, they are monitoring new trends, new technologies and new health requirements, looking to create new solutions and sensations… as to keep on reinventing your chocolate experience! It is their ambition to be the preferred solution provider creating cocoa and chocolate applications everybody can enjoy by reformulating chocolate in a responsible way, without compromising on good taste.

As a result of painstaking research, the window has been cast wide open upon a whole range of possibilities: sugar-reduced, without added sugar, sugar free, calorie reduced, protein enriched, Acticoa™, and many other varieties of chocolate and chocolate applications. Sounds complicated? It needn’t be! To help you navigate this vast chocolate landscape, all possibilities are grouped into 4 clear and distinct consumer choices: rational, recommended, parental and emotional choices. These profiles are covering all possible eating behaviors, food choices and related chocolate and cocoa products. Get ready for a tasty overview.


Chocolate answers

  1. Balanced chocolate is the solution for those who make a rational choice. It’s chocolate for the consumer that wants to take care of his body and chooses for light in sugar or light in calories products.
  2. Kids chocolate is chocolate for the consumers of the future. Children can be raised with the taste of sugar reduced products, so why not shape their taste buds while we can. Kids chocolate is the result of a parental choice, made by parents that want their children to develop healthy eating habits.
  3. Functional chocolate is the translation of a recommended choice, for people that have been advised to watch what they eat such as: lactose intolerances, allergies to certain food ingredients, and so on.
  4. Of course there will always be the classic chocolate for special moments of pleasure, a pure emotional choice for pure indulgence.

Chocolate moments

Just like there is a special kind of chocolate for everybody, there is also chocolate for every moment. Breakfast, snack at 10 a.m., lunch, energy refill at 16 p.m., dinner, evening treat, … Barry Callebaut offers chocolate for all possible applications like cereals, biscuits, bakery, ice creams, dairy drinks and so on. They make sure you can still enjoy chocolate in each of those moments, without fear and without feeling guilty. Please do keep enjoying your special piece of classic ‘luxury’ chocolate in the evening! As long as it is part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, everything’s just fine.


Facts & figures

Thorough research and promoting this chocolate reformulation have become crucial. There is no use denying it: figures are not lying. According to recent data from WHO (World Health Organization), 1 in 4 people is overweight today and 1 in 10 will be obese in 2015. More than 347 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. Alarmed by these shouting numbers, there is the need to reduce sugar in our diets. Pressure is rising around the world, governments are imposing sugar taxes, and WHO has made new guidelines for daily sugar intake.

Taste the future

Barry Callebaut is fully aware of all available facts and figures, and they are what they are. But let’s not panic, they are ready for the future and they will guide you through it:

There are three main steps to follow. First you should define your aim: where are you heading at, what are your goals? Once these are spelled out, you can choose the target audience(s) that will help you reach these goals. The 4 consumer choices: rational, recommended, parental and emotional, will guide you in this. And by choosing your target audience, you are choosing the claims your products can make. It really is as simple as that! Once you are implementing sugar reduced chocolate in your products, you can do this at your own pace: you can choose for a gradual reduction of sugar (without a claim), a partial sugar replacement of at least 30% (with a sugar-reduced claim) (or a full replacement (with a “without-added-sugar” or “sugar-free” claim).

Already found what you are looking for? Great!

Do you need more expertise to optimize your recipe? Together with you, Barry Callebaut will explore the chocolate frontiers, moving further and further towards…. chocolate and beyond.

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