Sugar beet fibre: exercise for your stomach!

New 13.5 Health Claim from the European Commission confirms the health aspects of Sugar beet fibre.

Back in 2011 European Food Safety Authority issued a positive scientific opinion for sugar beet fibre and recently the European Commission approved a 13.5 health claim for sugar beet fibre with the technical wording “sugar beet fibre contributes to increased faecal bulk”. To use the claim, the finished product must contain at least 6 grams sugar beet fibre per 100 gram ready product.

This wording is far more important than one would expect – many problems within the gastro-intestinal system can be helped by consuming Fibrex® as the insoluble part acts as a cleaner and absorps liquid, the soluble part feeds the healthy bacteria. The clinical studies behind the claim also confirm that the fibre promotes regularity, movement and counteracts constipation – it simply exercises the digestive system which promotes the overall well-being for humans in various ages.

Claims under article 13.5 are those based on newly developed scientific evidence and/or for which protection of proprietary data is requested.

This article is available in full in the Spring 2014 issue of Nutraceuticals Now