VERISOL® significantly improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles

VERISOL® significantly improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

As human skin mirrors health and vitality like no other organ, care is of paramount importance. While topical cosmetics only
reach the outer layers of the skin, the epidermis, nutricosmetics support the subjacent dermis and work from the inside out.
Since beauty and ageing is an important issue for women aged 40 plus, such beauty-from-within concepts are creating new
opportunities in the fast-growing nutricosmetics market. According to Global Industry Analysts, the worldwide nutricosmetics
market will reach $4.24 billion by 2017 . Thus, GELITA’s innovative VERISOL® ingredient for beauty-from-within applications
holds huge potential – especially for targeting female consumers who place great emphasis on their appearance. The product
comprises pure, natural collagen peptides which have been specifically developed to provide the highest possible efficacy in
human skin. In Japan – a leader in the field of beauty care – foods containing collagen are already well established. This trend is
also expected to spread quickly in Europe and the USA.
VERISOL® significantly improves skin
elasticity and reduces wrinkles
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A long-lasting way to combat the signs of
In the human body, collagen accounts for 30 per cent of total
protein and represents 80 per cent of the dry mass of the skin.
Primarily located in connective tissue, it is responsible for
giving the dermis its firm structure. During the ageing process,
however, the skin suffers a loss of moisture and becomes
increasingly dry. From the age of 30, the performance of
fibroblasts and thus collagen synthesis is reduced, and
this intensifies after the menopause. Because of this, the
dermis becomes thinner every day; the connective tissue
loses its firmness and elasticity, and wrinkles and sagging
occur. VERISOL® can slow down this loss and remarkably
improve the skin’s moisture content. The special amino acid
composition of its collagen peptides enables VERISOL® to
stimulate the fibroblasts in the dermis. This substantially
increases synthesis of collagen, elastin and proteoglycans,
all of which are essential for providing elasticity. As a result,
the epidermis is supported from beneath and skin sagging is
While topical beauty products reduce wrinkles only
With natural colagen peptides, VERISOL® reduces wrinkles and
improves elasticity for a long lasting rejuvenated appearance.

temporarily and conceal the signs of ageing merely for a while,
VERISOL® contributes to lasting rejuvenated skin by decelerating
wrinkle formation. Taking the ingredient regularly makes the skin
more elastic and means fewer wrinkles.
Backed by science
A new Study proving the efficacy of VERISOL® Collagen
Peptides on the Improvement of Human Skin Physiology have
just been published
VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are significantly
improving skin conditions such as elasticity and wrinkles. The
first of two new clinical studies proving the effect of VERISOL® on
skin elasticity has now been published. This is another important
milestone for the development and marketing of natural products
such as nutricosmetics which help to improve quality of life and
it perfectly fits to the GELITA philosophy to substantiate product
claims on solid science.
This research was designed to study the effectiveness of
these specific VERISOL® collagen peptides on skin biophysical
parameters related to cutaneous aging. In a double-blind,
placebo-controlled trial, 69 women aged 35-55 years were
randomized to receive 2.5 g or 5.0 g of VERISOL® or placebo
once daily for 8 weeks, with 23 subjects included in each
treatment group.
Skin elasticity, skin moisture, trans epidermal water loss and
skin roughness were objectively measured before ingesting the
first product (tO) and after 4 (tl) and once more at 8 weeks (t2)
of regular intake. Skin elasticity, which was of primary interest,
was also assessed at follow-up 4 weeks after the last intake of
VERISOL® (t3, 4-week regression phase).
At the conclusion of the study, skin elasticity in both VERISOL®
dosage groups showed a statistically significant improvement
in comparison to the placebo group. After 4 weeks of follow-up
treatment, a statistically significant higher skin elasticity level was
determined in elderly women.
With regard to skin moisture and skin evaporation, a positive
influence of the collagen peptide treatment could be observed in
a subgroup analysis.
The study was conducted by the Department of Dermatology,
University of Kiel, the CRI (Collagen Research Institute), Kiel,
the Skin Investigation and Technology, Hamburg, Germany and
the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Institute of
Biomedical Sciences, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Published
in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, August 14, 2013
Recently, a second clinical study evaluating the reduction of
wrinkles with VERISOL® was completed. This study also shows
convincing results and has been accepted for publication.
Women trust collagen
Besides its scientifically proven efficacy, VERISOL® is also
completely safe. It is exceedingly well tolerated and no adverse
reactions have been noted. This fact is also reflected in a
consumer research : A total of 500 women aged 25 to 65 years
were interviewed in Germany, Spain and the USA about their
perceptions and acceptance of the natural ingredient VERISOL®
and products containing it. VERISOL® and its effects were
presented in the form of neutral verbal statements. The survey
found that more than 80 per cent of the participants associated
collagen with beauty, specifically in relation to connective tissue
and elasticity. In general, most of the interviewees considered
a beauty-from-within concept based on VERISOL® to be
trustworthy and more effective than topical applications. The
majority of the women were familiar with the term “collagen”,
positively associating it with anti-ageing and perceiving it to be
Furthermore, the women interviewed had clear ideas about the
ideal application forms of such nutricosmetics: The ingredients
should be easy to consume, readily absorbed by the body
and neutral in taste and odour. VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen
Peptides® fulfil all of these requirements, having been specifically
developed for beauty-from-within applications.
Regulatory situation after EFSA feedback
As a result of the EFSA Health Claim discussions around
VERISOL®, EFSA clarified the parameters necessary for a
skin health claim for the first time. According to EFSA, an
improvement in skin function needs to be shown which could e.g.
be a skin barrier function. EFSA as well clarified, that elasticity
and wrinkle reduction are not classified as skin functions.
Wrinkle reduction and elasticity increase can be addressed
without health claim, as a significant positive effect with 2,5 g
VERISOL® is documented in peer-reviewed publications .
Therefore no EFSA Health Claim for beauty-from-within claims
with VERISOL® is necessary.
Almost unlimited application forms
The manufacturing process ensures that VERISOL® is highly
soluble and almost neutral in taste. Hence, it can easily be
incorporated into various types of liquid and solid functional food
applications or nutricosmetics without compromising the sensory
profile – from collagen water and concentrated ready-to-consume
liquid shots to tablets, capsules and flavoured powder mixes.
Even luxury foodstuffs such as coffee drinks and chocolate can
be enriched with natural collagen peptides, allowing for beauty
care with a touch of great-tasting indulgence.
As VERISOL® peptides are hydrolyzed to a specific short
peptide length, they are easily digestible as well as highly
bioavailable. Moreover, they are free from fat, cholesterol,
carbohydrates as well as gluten and perfectly suited for use in
non-allergenic foods. The nutricosmetics concept is also free
from E-numbers, making it ideal for the development of clean
label products, too.
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This assessment may vary due to different view-point of
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