New Natural solution. . . for skin moisturization and beauty

New Natural solution
. . . for skin moisturization and beauty

Ceramides and their key role in skin moisturization
The principal function of the skin is a role of barrier between
the inner and the outer. The skin is a barrier to different things
among which water and electrolytes loss and that to avoid
desiccation of the organism. The skin is constituted of three
layers: hypodermis, dermis and epidermis. The function
of water barrier is assured by the outer part of epidermis,
the most external layer of the skin, the stratum corneum.
The stratum corneum can be compared to a “brick
wall” structure composed of specific cells (keratinocytes
differentiated into corneocytes) and an intercellular matrix
containing lipids (see figure 1).
The lipidic composition of the stratum corneum can
explain the function of water barrier. The majority of these
lipids are ceramides or glycospingolipids, and that explains
why ceramides can be considered as key actors in the skin
protection against water loss. (LAFFORGUE 2008)
Studies have shown that correlations exist between the
decrease of ceramides content in the stratum corneum and
physiological changes such as skin dryness, ageing, atopic
dermatitis. (JUNGERSTED 2008)
Patented complex of ceramides and DGDG
CERAMOSIDES™ is a patented extract containing a natural
complex of Ceramides and Digalactosyl Diglycerides (DGDG)
(see figure 2).
Figure 2: chemical structures of glycosyl ceramides and
digalactosyl diglycerids
This complex has been selected for its strong efficacy on skin
moisturization, allowing a rapid action with a low daily dose. As
CERAMOSIDES™ contains polar lipids particularly ceramides,
it provides an interesting source for the organism to restore
ceramides deficiency in the stratum corneum.
Superior and clinically proven efficacy
CERAMOSIDES™ has been tested in several studies, including
in vitro tests and human clinical studies. Two clinical studies
have demonstrated a superior efficacy on skin moisturizing and
anti-ageing, with a quick action (visible results within 2 weeks),
results perceived by subject and low level of use.
A double blind clinical study on 60 women has been
conducted, using well-recognized methods like corneometry,
transepidermal water loss (TEWL), skin elasticity and
profilometry measurements. The subjects were selected
with carefully chosen inclusion criteria, including a dry skin
condition. During 60 days the subjects ingested daily a capsule
containing either a placebo or CERAMOSIDES™ in the oil form
(70 mg / day) or in the powder form (30 mg / day). Parameters
concerning skin moisturization and aspects were recorded
at the beginning of the study, after 15 days, after 30 days
and after 60 days. All data were analyzed using recognized
statistical analysis.
After 15 days CERAMOSIDES™ significantly improves skin
moisturization index by 23% versus placebo, and by 36%
versus placebo after 60 days. The subjects having dry skin at
the beginning of the study have a very moisturized skin after 60
days. These results can be correlated with the strong reduction
of trans-epidermal water loss that can be observed after 15
days (-16% versus placebo) and after 60 days (-19% versus
placebo). (see figure 3)
Figure 3: clinical results on skin moisturization index and transepidermal
water loss
Significant results are also seen on the reduction of wrinkles,
which are reduced by 8% (versus placebo) after 15 days and
by 19% (versus placebo) after 60 days. The anti-aging action
of CERAMOSIDES™ is also shown by a significant increase
in skin elasticity. In addition, the appearance of the skin is
improved: the skin is significantly smoother and is significantly
less rough.
These results are all the more interesting as they are
extremely quick (only 15 days) and perceived by the subject.
CERAMOSIDES™ mode of action
Orally ingested ceramides are partially digested and
Figure 1: the “brick wall” structure of the stratum corneum
components from these ceramides reach the skin where they
participate in the synthesis of new ceramides and consequently
to skin moisturization. This was shown using radio-labeled
ceramides in rats (UEDA 2009). DGDG of this lipid complex
contribute in the specific efficiency of CERAMOSIDES™
by improving ceramides metabolism and absorption. This
synergistic effect among lipids in the complex increases
the power of CERAMOSIDES™. Thanks to this patented
innovation, CERAMOSIDES™ offers quick visible results at a
low daily dose.
CERAMOSIDES™, a product you can trust
CERAMOSIDES™ is an all natural dietary ingredient: it is 100%
wheat from European origin, it is manufactured in France, it
contains no additives and no GMOs and is guaranteed to be
gluten-free. Rare lipids extracted from wheat flour have been
selected to guarantee the best quality to this natural ingredient.
A unique solution for a variety of formulations and
CERAMOSIDES™ provides strong complementary actions
and create a synergistic effect bringing its unique results
on the skin within 15 days. CERAMOSIDES™ is available
in two different forms, as an oil or as an hydro-dispersible
powder. This innovative natural ingredient can be incorporated
in any nutri-cosmetics formulations like softgel and hardshell
capsules, tablets, sticks and beverages to improve
skin moisturization, to reduce skin roughness, improve skin
elasticity and to offer an anti-aging effect. CERAMOSIDES™
can be used for moisturizing products, anti-ageing products,
moisturizing UV products, sensitive skin products and eye
dryness/vaginal dryness products. Because of the oral delivery
pathway CERAMOSIDES™ provides global benefits to the
skin, including both face and body, in just one daily easy step.
CERAMOSIDES™ is a trendy solution which perfectly matches
the demand of today’s modern consumers!
Scientific references
JUNGERSTED JM et al. Lipids and skin barrier function – a
clinical perspective. Contact Dermatitis, 2008 ; 58 : 255-62
LAFFORGUE, Epidermal lipids and the stratum corneum,
Réalités Thérapeutiques en Dermato-Vénérologie, 2008 ; 179 : 2
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