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Product classification in Southeast Asia

By Wai Mun Poon, Regional Regulatory Manager, EAS Strategic Advice, As scientific evidence on the relationship between foods, physiological function and disease has grown, so has the functional/fortified...
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Love the taste, leave out the lactose!

Love the taste, leave out the lactose! Chocolate indulgence for everyone. Gluten free, dairy free, lactose free, … The increased awareness of allergies and food intolerances makes the demand...
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DHAid™ . . . the next generation…..continued

DHAid™ . . . the next generation…..continued By Ulla Freitas, Manager Scientific Marketing Nutrition. Eye Health. There are high concentrations of DHA in the retina, particularly in the photoreceptors....
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DHAid™ . . . the next generation

  DHAid™ . . . the next generation DHAid™? DHAid™ is a concentrated and purely vegetarian source of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It is produced from a proprietary strain of...
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Ubiquinol: The Key to Male Fertility?

Ubiquinol: The Key to Male Fertility? Safe, cost-effective and discrete treatment of reduced sperm motility: New study shows a significant improvement in sperm quality with Ubiquinol supplementation. Iranian Professor...
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