How to get rid of bad fats

Inside the human body, there are good and bad fats: subcutaneous fat or “good fat” is found just underneath the skin, while visceral fat or “bad fat” lies beneath the muscles
and surrounds the body’s vital organs, particularly those in the mid-section, such as the intestines, kidneys and liver.

Research has now confirmed that excess visceral fat accumulation around the middle of the body is a major concern not just for weight and appearance but for overall health, too. It is also believed that waist circumference is a better predictor of weight-related health risks than the commonly used measurement of body mass index (BMI). Visceral fat is so dangerous to health because it has more endocrine activity than subcutaneous fat, with greater secretions of hormone-like components that negatively impact upon insulin function as well as blood sugar and triglyceride levels, and even circulation.

With visceral fat posing such a health risk, the Japanese company Kaneka spotted an opening for a product that would have wide-reaching health benefits for millions of consumers. Thus, its search began for an ingredient that would enable manufacturers to react to the increasing challenges of excess weight and its impact on health.

This article is available in full in the Spring 2012 issue of Nutraceuticals Now