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Nutraceuticals Now: Spring 2012

The Spring issue of Nutraceuticals Now is now available. Excerpts of featured articles are available on this website: Weight management… a boosting segment Beverages with Added Value How to...
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Foreword to Spring 2012 Issue

Dr Stephen DeFelice, renowned for coining the term ‘nutraceutical’ back in 1989, will deliver the keynote speech at the 15th Vitafoods Europe Conference from 22-24 May 2012 where he...
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How to get rid of bad fats

Inside the human body, there are good and bad fats: subcutaneous fat or “good fat” is found just underneath the skin, while visceral fat or “bad fat” lies beneath...
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Beverages with Added Value

Alpha-Cyclodextrin as a Soluble Dietary Fiber Functional foods have witnessed remarkable growth during the past few years, as consumers’ awareness of the relationship between a healthy, balanced diet and...
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