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Nutraceuticals Now: Winter 2011

The Winter 2011 issue of Nutraceuticals Now is now available. Excerpts of featured articles are available on this website: Kemin: Innovation in tea NSF: Learning from the mistakes of...
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Foreword to Winter 2011 Issue

The World of Nutraceuticals It has been more than two decades since Dr. Stephen DeFelice, along with Steve McNamara, Esq, introduced the coined the term “nutraceuticals” that ultimately contributed...
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Kemin: Innovation in tea

Oxidative stress is a major contributor to many chronic health problems, as well as premature aging. As many epidemiological and intervention studies have shown, antioxidants, namely the ones present...
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NSF: Learning from the mistakes of others

The Top 5 Good Manufacturing Practices Nonconformances Despite a struggling economy, the US nutritional products industry was estimated to have reached 117 billion dollars in 2010, a 6% growth...
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Peruvian natural resources

Did you know that Peru’s endemic plant species offer vast applications of natural ingredients for the European food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries? Last month, courtesy of the Swiss Import...
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