BENEO: Simply Healthier

BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, offers a range of solutions to enable sugar reduction in food products and prides itself on producing innovative ingredient solutions for food manufacturers. By concentrating on the taste, functionality and qualitative elements of a product, BENEO has developed its agglomerated sweeteners which are simple to integrate and provide a multitude of benefits. Here, Dr Thomas Walter, Head of Business Development at BENEO, provides insight into how its agglomerated sweeteners can be incorporated into products to provide sweetening solutions that are healthy and easy to use.

A review of the Mintel trend forecasts for 2011 shows that manufacturers are concentrating their efforts on product reformulations to ensure they meet the growing consumer demand for healthier nutrition. One of the major topics, sugar reduction, is still very high up on the food industry’s agenda. This issue is particularly pertinent as the entire sector prepares for the upcoming approval of Stevia, which claims to have mastered the delicate balancing act between calorie reduction and naturalness like no other intensive sweetener. The successful switch from saccharine, HFCS, fructose and glucose will allow food producers to make use of these ingredients in order to optimize their product offering with ease.

The use of agglomerated sweeteners is mainly for technological reasons. Agglomerates do not tend to dust or build up electrostatic energy and have a distinct flowability. This provides the producer with additional benefits, such as ease of transportation and use when measuring or filling. As they don’t absorb moisture, agglomerates can also be stored more easily. They dissolve quickly in fluids without forming lumps and, when consumed on their own, have a non-sandy texture in the mouth. The versatility of these agglomerates make them an excellent choice for use within ready-to-use instant drinks, compressed tablets, chewing gum and granulates, which are consumed with no water.

When several active and functional ingredients are used for the agglomeration, further advantages can be found. During the course of the agglomeration process, all of the elements are distributed evenly in the mixture, no matter how much or how little is used. An even distribution of the ingredient is therefore guaranteed, whether this is the sweet characteristic of an intensive sweetener such as Stevia, or the nutritionally enhanced profile of vitamins, or prebiotic fibres, such as inulin.

This article is available in full in the Spring 2011 issue of Nutraceuticals Now