Dermscan: Biometrological approaches for efficacy evaluation of beauty supplements and foods

Cosmetofood: eating for beauty!

In diverse forms (capsule, yoghurt, milk, soup, fruit juice, mineral etc.), any “transformed” – i.e. so-called “functional” – food, and any food supplement which has the express objective of beautifying the external appearance (anti-age, firmness, slimming, fortifying, hair, sun preparation, hair and nail beauty etc.), becomes a multi-faceted product, combining beauty, health and nutrition.

Being closely linked, cosmetics have been largely inspired by the world of nutrition, borrowing from it textures, raw materials and vocabulary.

As food is more and more considered as similar as cosmetics, making the same promise of beauty, in a favourable context where the link between nutrition and health is clearly identified, and consumers are increasingly concerned with their appearance and well-being.

This article is available in full in the Spring 2010 issue of Nutraceuticals Now