COPALIS: Beauty-from-within marine actives

COPALIS has been inspired by the natural wealth of the sea for 50 years to develop marine bioactives for food supplements, cosmetics and animal nutrition.

Interest in the impact of ageing on the function and appearance of the skin has been increasing. While a new study has recently highlighted the association between daily diet and skin conditions, there is a growing demand for beauty-from-within actives. With 50 years experience in developing marine bioactives, COPALIS research and development team has focused its research for the last few years to design new Sea Solutions® with oral cosmetics activity.

At Vitafoods 2010, the France based company will be glad to introduce its range of marine actives for inner beauty.

While aging skin is a factor of many things-genetics, sun exposure, environmental insults, stress, and more, COPALIS offers beauty-from-within ingredients with targeted activity.

This article is available in full in the Spring 2010 issue of Nutraceuticals Now