Barry Callebaut: All the Goodness of the Cocoa Bean

Recent studies show that eating the right kind of chocolate on a regular basis can impart a whole host of benefits on both mind and body. The benefits of the daily consumption of antioxidant flavanols are well documented in the areas of cardiovascular health, cognitive function and the immune response.

However, recent breakthroughs are pointing to the effectiveness of these powerful compounds in protecting the skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation. The best news is that one company has succeeded in developing a process, which preserves the activity of these cocoa flavanols in chocolate. In fact, Barry Callebaut’s patented ACTICOATM chocolate is the only chocolate with a guaranteed minimum content of antioxidant flavanols.

Barry Callebaut has developed a unique process to preserve these compounds in the best possible form: the finest quality chocolate.

This article is available in full in the November / December 2009 issue of Nutraceuticals Now