Laboratoire PYC

Laboratoire PYC is specialist in subcontracting dietetic products and food supplements with a full service: development, manufacture and packaging. The heart of business of the laboratory is manufacturing high protein and low calorie products in powder form intended to a weight-loss diet. For this purpose, Laboratoire PYC has developed a new concept for weight control: PROTI’ SMOOTH™. It is a dietetic smoothie-like drink high in protein and low in calorie containing real fruits. This drink will be introduced for the first time at Vitafoods.

What is a high protein and low calorie diet? The sales network of the brands for which Laboratoire PYC develops its dietetic products extends from medical prescriptions for the strictest high protein diets, to drugstores and specialized shops for the softest low calorie ones.

The principle of a low calorie diet is simple: forcing the body to draw from its reserves in order to involve a weight loss. The advantage of the low calorie and high protein diets is that they allow a weight loss while preserving the lean muscle mass. The menus to follow limit the intakes of carbohydrates and fat in favor of proteins. The calorie intakes are decreased, for a given period, to make them appreciably lower than the expenditures: 1000-1200 kcal/day for the most sedentary ones and 1200-1400 kcal/day for the people having much activity. Traditionally the diet is in several phases: strict phase, transition phase and stabilization phase, more or less long depending on the weight loss objectives.

This article is available in full in the Spring 2009 issue of Nutraceuticals Now